Investing in the Real Estate for Beginners

Learn how to generate income streams through whole Real Estate investment. Doors open at 6:30PM. The webinar will start at 7PM.


Terra International Realty


January 27, 2018


Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel, Bangkok



Terra International Realty is pleased to announce their upcoming real estate investment webinar that will focus on investment solutions for purchasing residential apartment buildings.

With a nationwide network of properties, T.I.R. is able to offer their clients a large range of suitable real estate investments.

This webinar is designed to help you learn the key facts about market investment, provide you with options that you can take advantage of for your own investment strategies, and give access to exclusive property you will not find anywhere else.

This webinar is designed for Thailand-resident foreigners and Local Thais who are new to whole building investment and will cover:

  • Types of income streams
  • Different ways to invest in condominium buildings
  • Understanding basic property information
  • Typical purchase flow
  • Services provided by Thailand Housing Market.

This webinar will be led by an experienced Terra International Realty Co., Ltd.

Doors open at 6:30PM. The webinar will start at 7PM and private consultations will start at 8PM.

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Creative Real Estate Financing

Today especially, you need a variety of sources for financing your real estate deals. Our Creative Real Estate Financing Training will show you twenty different ways to structure financing as well as which way to use in what situations and why. Along the way, you will discover ways to use banks, property owners, hard money lenders, & other investors to finance your deals. During this elite training, you’ll discover ways to calculate return on investment (ROI) & return on equity (ROE) so you can determine how much your deal is producing from cash flow, appreciation, depreciation, interest writeoff, and principle reduction. This will help choose from a variety of strategies including buying, fixing & selling, renting, lease option, or assigning the contract to give you and your investors the best return.

Creative Financing Learning Objectives

  • Discover the many ways to make money from real estate & other investments
  • Determine ways to calculate ROI
  • Examine existing business sectors & how they affect growth
  • Understand economic indicators & agencies: Where they can be found & how they affect demand
  • Master the vital part of a real estate transaction
  • Prepare a resume & financial statement
  • Explain the elements of getting a loan
  • Know the formulas banks use to determine risk
  • Discover when & where to find investors
  • Explore different lending sources & how they work
  • Identify 20 different ways to structure financing
  • Discuss the where, how, & why of securing short-term capital
  • Discover where to find hard money lenders
  • Understand hard money lending facts & guidelines

This informative training will enable you to determine what the leading economic indicators in your market are and how they impact real estate appreciation (or create an increase in income on rental properties).

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Start Dates of 3-Day Course
May 1
3 weeks online – Tues. & Thurs. @ 8:30pm ET
July 3
3 weeks online – Tues. & Thurs. @ 8:30pm ET

Foreclosure Strategies

Foreclosure investing allows you to take an unfortunate situation and turn it into a win-win for everyone involved. Pre-Foreclosures, Auction, and Bank Owned (REO) properties provide a never-ending source of investment possibilities. All types of exit strategies including Wholesaling, Retailing, Buy/Fix/Hold, and Lease Option can be applied to foreclosure properties that you pursue.

In this essential elite training you will discover ways to find foreclosure and pre-foreclosure property as well as how to negotiate in all types of foreclosure related situations. You will be shown how to maximize your profit potential while helping people out of what is often a crisis situation.

Foreclosure Strategies Learning Objectives

  • Know the four parts of foreclosure investing: Find, Evaluate, Fund & Exit (FEFE)
  • Explore state-by-state differences in foreclosure procedures
  • Discover multiple approaches for finding pre-foreclosures
  • Understand ways to complete a title search
  • Calculate what a foreclosure property is worth through comparative market analysis & inspection
  • Master negotiating techniques when dealing with both homeowners & lenders
  • Examine the different foreclosure financing options
  • Understand ways to deal with banks regarding short sales
  • Compare & evaluate multiple exit strategies for foreclosure properties including Wholesale Buying, Lease Options, Retailing, & Buy/Fix/Hold
  • Discuss ways to market foreclosures
  • Discover ways to equity share a foreclosure property
  • Discover ways to buy at a foreclosure auction
  • Discuss the steps for locating, negotiating, & buying bank owned properties REOs
  • Create your personal 90-day action

Role playing and hypothetical scenarios are among many interactive and fun techniques applied in this training to ensure optimal understanding and the ability to apply these tools and strategies in the real world.

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Start Dates of 3-Day Course
April 3
6 weeks Online – Tues. @ 8:30pm ET
June 4
3 weeks Online – Mon. & Tues. @ 7:30pm ET

Mastering Marketing Today

Mastering the Message, Technology & Social Media

With the advent of technology, delivering your branding & marketing message to the masses has never been easier, but the ability to make sure your marketing message is relevant and reaches your target audience has become an art form. This elite training unlocks the essential keys to “Mastering Marketing” in today’s world to turn your business into a “Marketing Magnet” capturing business. The class will teach the importance of target marketing, buying triggers, where to market and ways to market with leverage through technology. Leverage your marketing expertise into income with any business.

Mastering Marketing Today Learning Objectives:

  • Marketing 101
  • The 4 keys to your best marketing message
  • Defining your marketing delivery engines
  • Where to get your best marketing “bang for the buck”
  • Social media marketing (FaceBook, YouTube & more)
  • Branding your business
  • Turning your web site into a marketing magnet
  • Step by step technology training to marketing automation
  • Building your automated marketing engine
  • Building your $3 an hour sales force
  • Lead generation & lead capture training
  • Designing multiple marketing campaigns (class participation)
  • Building your marketing plan & process
  • REI Blackbook mastery (class application for your business)

Become the sought after marketing leader in any market that brings in qualified leads through target marketing that converts leads to clients. Build a brand that lasts and deliver marketing that is relevant and memorable. Keeping people’s attention in today’s marketing world can be tough, but mastering this elite training class will unlock the secrets to command it.

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Start Dates of 3-Day Course
June 4
2 weeks Online – Mon., Tues. & Wed. @ 8pm ET

Income Properties

This elite training is essential for every serious real estate investor who is building a portfolio to generate wealth and cash flow. In addition to determining where there is profit in residential/commercial opportunities, you will also discover how your investment properties can lead to creating multiple streams of income so you can better adjust to changes in market trends.

Income Properties will equip you to handle the practical aspects of owning and/or managing investment properties including applications (setting tenant criteria, screening, and selection), leases (lease provisions, regulations, and lease addenda), and property preparation for sale or rental (cost-effective methods for rehabbing). You will gain the solid foundation necessary to generate and maximize cash flow.

Income Properties Learning Objectives

  • Discover ways to create multiple streams of income
  • Set standards for you & your properties
  • Know the components of managing your property portfolio
  • Discuss ways to build net worth through buying & holding
  • Understand what tenants look for & what investors should look out for
  • Determine market values & rates of return for residential & commercial properties
  • Explore the due diligence process
  • Identify opportunities in different markets
  • Examine zoning rules & regulations
  • Understand fair housing laws, discrimination & handicap provisions
  • Review lease applications, lease provisions, rental criteria, and tenant screening & selection
  • Discover cost-effective ways to rehab & deal with contractors
  • Discover the best way to operate or select a property management company

No matter what your level of investing experience, this training offers you a variety of strategies to implement in your real estate investment business making it a MUST for the serious investor.

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There are no Property Management & Cash Flow classes scheduled in the near future.

Tax and Asset Protection

In today’s society, you can add “lawsuits” to “death and taxes” as things that are inevitable. Simply ignoring them won’t make them go away. This elite training is designed to put you in firm control of your life and finances with a focus on preparing a personal wealth plan to protect your personal and business assets as well as reduce your income and estate taxes. In addition, this training will cover corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and trusts, as well as ways to determine which entities may be right for you. We could even show you a few things that your attorney or accountant might not know.

Tax and Asset Protection Learning Objectives

  • Applying techniques used by the wealthy to protect what you own
  • Discovering ways to reduce your tax liability
  • Preparing for the retirement of your dreams
  • Examining ways to lessen your exposure to risk & lawsuits
  • Knowing ways to work with the IRS and save thousands
  • Exploring methods to shield your assets from problems
  • Mastering techniques that can ensure your family’s financial future

After participating in these interactive sessions, you will have designed your personal wealth plan, understood each part, and reviewed it with your instructor. No matter what your investing goals may be, this course is essential to keeping more of what you worked so hard to earn!

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There are no Tax and Asset Protection classes scheduled in the near future.