The good, the bad, and the ugly of an “Open House”

The good, the bad, and the ugly of an “Open House”

Ordinarily, both buyers  and  sellers  will  benefit from an open house event. Even more so, if the open house was held in a nice place close to some busy streets and commercial establishments. If not, it will, likely  draw  less attention and for that reason,  a lean crowd of possible buyers will attend.

If the question of  “Will your house get sold from an open house ” is asked, Terra International Realty, believes it will probably not.   So, don’t make the mistake of  removing  the” For Sale” sign in front of your house  immediately after the OPEN HOUSE. Not yet,   as  somebody may  just come knocking  and before you knew  it,  one of  the  astounding deposits in your bankbook  comes  from an unexpected house sale .

Terra International Realty further believes that the following are some of the possible reason  that can  make or break  an open house.   It’s best that an  owner/seller should be wary of such  possible scenarios:


  • Convenience for having able to accommodate potential buyers at a single given time.
  • Eliminates all the “nuisance candidates” or those posing as buyers.
  • Saves time and gives the chance of getting faster sales.
  • Opportunity to get multiple bids which means there is a greater chance to make more money.


  • A big part of the crowd are neighbors, pals,  kibitzers and even  potential thieves
  • Too many irrelevant and irritating questions ask, by non-buyers like nosy neighbors, kibitzers and,  of all people, from some
  • Preparation works before an open house is an enervating and exhausting exercise.


  • Tedious and tiring efforts to restore everything in order. Cleaning soiled carpet or abused toilet bowls is so excruciatingly disgusting.
  • Discovery of some missing precious items
  • Starts circulations of ugly gossips and rumours in the neighborhood.

The final analysis is since an open house does not necessarily lead to a sale, and we are now living in the age of the internet, what is the point of conducting an open house?

Today, properties are easily shown in the web that potential buyers can view photos and all  data anytime,   wherever they are.  Therefore, the convenience and sophistication of modern living has rendered the open house completely irrelevant.


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