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How the Home Value Estimator Works

  • 1Partner with the best data providers

    Terra International Realty is the only site that pulls together home value estimates from 5 leading sources.

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    We run an advanced machine learning algorithm against your 5 estimates to come up with our own Terra International Realty (Thailand) estimate.

  • 3Connect with top real estate agents

    No online home value estimate can guarantee 100% accuracy. A top agent that views the home and knows the area can provide the best estimate.

Online Home Valuations Are A Good First Step

Your home could be worth more than you thought

Find out if you're sitting on an opportunity to upgrade, downsize, or cash in equity.

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Arm yourself with 5 leading online estimates, a top agent's recommendation, and a comprehensive housing market report.

Have an informed conversation with agents

Bring your estimates to your first meeting and start the discussion on the right track.

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Use our free comprehensive home valuation report and talk to a top agent to list at exactly the right time.